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‘Union of Uniqueness’: Exposition by 2 contemporary artists

Posted by Osman on May 27, 2008

Sheikh Arif Bulbon

“The speed of thought, very second of impulse, sensation and reaction confronted with in the physical and emotional parameters and the tangled reality of the subjective and objective world is what I bring into portrayal within the exorcism of drawing and painting. I find my mind to be a vague ground of saturated landscape. Elements of space line, co lour is almost translation of the structured reality we perceive. I tend to bring juice out of the familiar to see the unfamiliar, eventually driven to ecstatic experience of life and to break my own preconceived ways of understanding. With various facets of desire reaction and survival … to exist into the never ending discovery of the mind, and how one can perform the transform pain sorrow and entire sorts of human emotions all that our eyes and other senses can follow, into virtually of painting,” said Bangladeshi artist Javed Jalil at an exposition of two contemporary artists from Bangladesh and India titled ‘Union of Uniqueness’ jointly organised by Art Club Bangladesh and Kolkata based Creative Art and Craft Centre at Art Club in Gulshan in the capital. The exhibition was concluded recently.

The Indian High Commissioner Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty inaugurated the 18-day duet exhibition. Earlier, the organisers jointly organised another exhibition in Mumbai in India.

Avijit Mukherjee, another participant artist from India, said, “When the whole world has been almost reduced to ashes by the act of terrorism its every corner is inundated by bloodshed. Read the rest of this entry »


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