Art Club Bangladesh

Fine Art Gallery exhibiting works of art from B’desh & SAARC countries


[rockyou id=63262510&w=426&h=320]

7 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. Osman said

    this is just a preview of our collection at the Art Club Gallery in Bangladesh. Located in a non-descript apartment building in Gulshan Rd#104.. House # 4; Suite 3B

    More Galleries will be be added shortly.

  2. Job very well done! thank you.

  3. Ujwala said

    informative website. look forward to more galleries of work.

  4. Rippy said looking for some gallery of artist who are still living in the country’cause I studied online(art) and still a member of few art galleries.artists are present in those forums from evrery contry except bangladesh.When any one asked to see our ,I mean bangldeshi letest or femous art,sculpture I can’t show them and it makes me emmberaced.Most of them are not present.But I gess your web can help me a little.Thanks for that.Need co-operation from you to show the world that we are as good as others in art and regards to you

  5. chapal said

    Simply really great…job done fabulous !!!Thanks…

  6. Mokhfur said

    Is there anyone please let know me some Bangladeshi websites where I would able see paintings and buy.Because I live far away from Dhaka.

  7. I want to relationship with art club

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