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Optical Art (Op Art)

Posted by Haram on March 21, 2007



The Optical Art movement remains relatively short when compared to other movements like Cubism or Surrealism.

The movement officially lasted only three years, and followed the Pop Art movement.




Op Art began with the desire to involve a correlation between seeing and understanding. The art movement involved manipulating the eyes or creating an optical illusion. Similar to other movements, the Op Art artists did not use conventional paint and brush techniques. Instead, the artists used a limited color scheme, and a limited style to draw shapes and objects. Each painting or design had its own way of alluding the human eye. Although this movement was relatively short, the artistry they displayed was important to all art movements and art lovers.




The birth of Op Art began officially with an article in Time Magazine. In 1964, Time Magazine published an article featuring an art movement involving optical illusions. Since the artists focused on eye manipulation, Time Magazine coined this new movement “Op Art”. For a brief time, Op Art became a household name. Their name quickly became popular with the intellectual and social circles, and their work was well sought after. Read the rest of this entry »

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