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Religion in Art – The Old Testament

Posted by Osman on April 10, 2007

Old Testament is the name the first Christians gave the collection of Jewish holy books known as the Tanakh. A testament is a covenant, a treaty, and the Old Testament is the covenant between God and the Jewish people. God promised the Hebrews land and safety in return for obedience and worship. Paul first mentions the Old Testament in his second letter to the Corinthians. The name New Testament is introduced in the gospel to Matthew, during the Last Supper (Matth. 26:28).

The Old Testament tells the history of the Jewish people and of Israel. The exclusive treaty between God and the Israelites takes a central position. It was first established after Noah survived the flood (Genesis 9:8-17) and extended several times: first with Abraham (Genesis 15:18), later with Moses in the Sinai (Exodus 19, 20 and 24). Read the rest of this entry »


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