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Titled ‘4’ – An Exposition of 4 Prominent Contemporary Female Artists

Posted by Haram on March 24, 2007

Exposition of 4 Prominent Women Artists

Prof. Dr. Fareeda Zaman,  Rokeya Sultana,  Nasreen Begum &  Naima Haque

Introduction by Javed Jalil

The Extensive duration of thought & gesture, relating to a phantasmagorical journey of reality & unreality is exposed in this exposition of four contemporary artists in the warm light of the Art Club Gallery. The visual journey caters to the thirst of versatile viewers.

To start with Rokeya Sultana’s present innovation, the black & white, wash drawings depict women’s desire- the fleshy feeling of contours expressing human struggle for desire & enchantment as angels of human spirit. There is no predictable orientation, but a strange world of colliding imperfect feelings, seeking salvation in the wings of the angel.

Nasreen Begum explores the cactus as an integral symbol of life. Fighting all odds, the destination is to create the serene solitary volume of her internal world, like a cactus with its hard exterior that protects it& its subtle flowers coming out as a subtle beauty within the horror. Tactically towards the destiny of the given truth in reality is visualized in Nasreen Begum’s work.

Sufia’s Dream is an internal reflection of the artist Dr. Fareeda Zaman’s own dreams & passion, floating in the space of fantasy & mystery. She uses this elongated character Sufia as a symphony of her thought & awakenings. The visual world she creates is structured with figures of super reality with in colorful dramatic wash pigmentation.

Naima Haque is the voice of subtlety with a soft touch of reality in sweet focused projection. She expresses peace & purity with a soothing surface ground where, here & there becomes one.

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