Art Club Bangladesh

Fine Art Gallery exhibiting works of art from B’desh & SAARC countries

About Art Club Bangladesh

To communicate with viewers through paintings is a joy. It is a common inclination to pass down ideas among the viewers. Painting is a universal language unlike specific vocal languages and it holds an open scope to reach anyone who is interested from any level, language or culture.



Art Club was formed in the beginning of 2000 by art connoisseur Mrs. Nahid Osman. She embarked on her journey by extending a helping hand to her friends and associates and then upon realizing the immense potential of promoting Arts & Crafts in a cross-cultural, international marketplace. Starting with an art-camp here and an exhibition there, she decided to turn it into her occupation. Six years from the commencement of that journey, she has decided to realize the dream of establishing a gallery of her own. Thus, the Art Club Bangladesh Gallery was conceived.

Art Club Bangladesh is devoted to the promotion of Arts & Crafts of Bangladesh to the South Asian countries also around the globe and vice versa. ACB is committed to showcase renowned artists as well as the less privileged artists and artisans of Bangladesh. The founder & Managing Director, Mrs. Nahid Osman, a director of The Design Council of Bangladesh, is currently the M.D. of Shozpodor, an organization marketing the crafts of the indigenous weavers of Rangamati & she has also lent a helping hand to the Khashias of Moulivibazar.

The Journey:


April 2004


Art Camp organized at Ghorashal with 8 Eminent Artists participated. The Artists were Rafiqun Nabi, Jamal Ahmed, Gautum Chokrobothy, Karu Titas, Shulekha Chowdhury, Kuhu, Bipul Shah, Harold Rashid.





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  2. Rippy said

    I don’t know ,to whom I am writng–I am an art and design techer in an English medium school(E.S.S.(O leve section) in Bangladesh and involb many online art forums.Is the club has any art related forum where artist can share their work with each other so they can progress or just can make friends who are artist?Any way this Art club of BAngladesh is febulous.Atleast artist like me(un able to go out becouse of buiness)can see or read some beautifull art work.Best regards to the club.

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