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Urban-Art Bangladesh Tour

Posted by Osman on June 17, 2007

syndicated from Mohammed’s blog 

UK based charity organisation, Muslim Aid is embarking on an exciting tour of Bangladesh, following their success of the tour with Jermaine Jackson of the region.

Muslim Aid will be supporting the acclaimed UK-based artist, Mohammed a.k.a Aerosol Arabic, in taking his groundbreaking style of urban graffiti art, with Islamic script, to the streets of Bangladesh.

British urban artist, Mohammed Ali, will be touring Bangladesh and taking his unique fusion of graffiti-art to a whole new world by spray painting his spiritual -urban-art murals in three cities across the country.

He will be visiting Muslim Aid beneficiaries, and working with orphans, the needy and the poverty stricken urban youth of Bangladesh, in creating the unique “spiritual murals” across the cities, Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong in well known districts of each city. He will also deliver seminars speaking about his art to the people of Bangladesh.

The tour will take place between August 10th- 20th beginning in the capital city of Dhaka. Venues will be announced on the website:

In the midst of all the difficulty and plight experienced by Muslim Aid beneficiaries, the aim is to uplift the spirit in the poorer parts of Bangladesh, where people will be given the unique opportunity to create art through the aerosol can, guided by Mohammed.

Mohammed said, “I’ve always felt art was quite useless, and wondered how it can help humanity. Now in projects like this, I can see how art can actually be used as a powerful tool for change and betterment of the wider society, addressing issues like world poverty”.

Muslim Aid’s Razul Karim said “We at Muslim Aid, aim to bring a positive change in the condition of people’s lives all over the world. Mohammed shares the same objectives, but does it through his art, so that makes a great partnership. We are looking forward to introducing the art of Mohammed Ali to Bangladesh and hope to highlight our work that carries the message of peace, equality and justice”.

Mohammed has just completed his USA tour, alongside the Arts Council England, where he created his murals across three cities and spoke at universities and colleges across the USA. His work has been highly acclaimed by media across the world, ranging from CNN, BBC, Reuters, New York Times to Aljazeera and media from the arab world.

His work has also been reported as being a bridge of understanding between faith communities across the globe.

The art form known as graffiti-art was born on the streets of New York in the late 70’s and has always been focused on the English script. Being inspired by graffiti art, Mohammed then began incorporating the Arabic script and aspects of his Islamic faith within his art, hence his pseudonym “Aerosol Arabic”

Mohammed, who was born and raised in Birmingham, England, now wishes to explore his parents cultural roots as Bangladeshis. He now wishes to experiment with the Bengali script within his work.


Razaul Karim (Fundraising at Muslim Aid)
Tel: 07961 453 199/0207 377 4200

Mohammed Ali
Tel:07950 501 805

For updated information on venues and dates visit:

For details on the USA tour visit:


2 Responses to “Urban-Art Bangladesh Tour”

  1. Bangladesh said

    Hmm .. nice setup here..

    The thing is .. all this you said isnt as easy as it sounds. Folks out there are still struggling for such stuff and its really hard at times :). Anyway. nice blog.

  2. Bangladesh said

    Hasina has been arrested. Oh my !

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